Easy Mike’s Kids Extra Beefy Beef Stew Recipes

Easy Mike’s Kids Extra Beefy Beef Stew Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Mike’s Kids Extra Beefy Beef Stew Recipes

  1. For The Starters
  2. 2 Pounds Beef Chuck Pot Roast
  3. a couple of Pounds Bone Marrow Bone
  4. 3 (32 oz) Packing containers Beef Broth [reserve 1]
  5. 2 tbsp Better As compared to Beef Bouillon [reserve 1/2]
  6. 1 tsp Fresh Terrain Black Pepper
  7. 4 Cloves Whole Garlic
  8. 2 (1. 5 Package) McCormick Or Knoors Beef Stew Seasoning [reserve 1 packet]
  9. For The Greens
  10. 2 Pounds Baby Glowing Potatoes [unpeeled – halved]
  11. 2 Cups Carrots [peeled

    Step-step making Mike’s Kids Extra Beefy Beef Stew

    1. Here’s what you’ll need for your own base. 2 pound pot roast plus garlic hiding deep in the meat broth in a thick bottom container.

    2. Include everything together in the Starter area.

    3. Steam for 2 hours covered.

    4. Chop your veggies. No need to peel your taters if using baby spuds.

    5. Refrigerate your veggies and place potatoes in water like to not see them brown till you’re ready for them.

    6. Pull marrow through your bones innards and place back again in broth. Whisk well. Discard bone fragments.

    7. Shell shread your roast and discard any kind of fat chunks. Add 4 cups drinking water to broth. Add remaining beef stew packet to taste, Better Than Bouillon and beef broth if needed. Beat again.

    8. Add all vegetables to pot. Simmer for 30 minutes longer covered.

    9. Lightly toasted bread your Baguette bread.

    10. Serve with fresh cozy bread for dipping. Enjoy!