Easy Light Tilapia Fish Stew Recipes

Easy Light Tilapia Fish Stew Recipes

The ingredients Easy Light Tilapia Fish Stew Recipes

  1. 1 kg fresh Tilapia Fish
  2. four big tomatoes
  3. 9 fresh peppers
  4. 3 gloves garlic
  5. 5 refreshing red chilli pepper
  6. 3 Red bell pepper
  7. 1 big Onions
  8. 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  9. 2 lime green
  10. 2 stock cubes
  11. Salt

Step-step making Easy Light Tilapia Fish Stew Recipes

  1. Wash you fish thoroughly. Rinse wellby squeezing yhetwo lime juice over that. This rud thd fish of tge smell and gives it an exclusive flavor. Once that is done, add a new lillte salt and allow yo take a seat pretty till you needit.

  2. Add all the fresh element, onions and garlic in a mixer and ending till smooth. Add water so their light but not tasty.

  3. Put a pot ob fire, when it heats up, serve in typically the 1/2 cup of plant oil, when the oil us sizzling, pour inside the blended tonaroes mix. Stir swiftly and allow to boil.

  4. Once it sysrts boiling, add an individual stock cube add salt and spot the fresh Tilapia fish into typically the pot lightly. Stir carefully and enable to cook for 20mins. but an individual need to stir carefully at span.

  5. After 20mins, the normal water content should have gone down and even the stew will be light although not watery… taste for salt. Offer a smal stir and allow to be able to simmer for 4 units… Remove by heat..

  6. Please note typically the lime juice used in cleaning typically the fish, makes it tender, so an individual need not worry whether the species of fish will cook through during that 20-25 mins time.