Easy Traditional Rice kheer quick way Recipes

Easy Traditional Rice kheer quick way Recipes

The ingredients Easy Traditional Rice kheer quick way Recipes

  1. half cup Basmati rice slightly less than
  2. 1-2 litres Dairy approx (acc. to quality of milk)
  3. 3-4 tbsp Sugar
  4. 2 Cardmum beads
  5. Fo’ garnishing –
  6. 1/4 tsp Cardmum powder
  7. Almonds and pistachios a few
  8. strands Saffron
  9. Rose plant fo’ garnishing (opt)

Step-step making Easy Traditional Rice kheer quick way Recipes

  1. First wash and soak rice in water fo’ at least half hour

  2. After soaking rice drain off the water and crush rice with yo’r hands(this way rice easily dissolve with milk)

  3. Pressure cook rice with half of the milk till 2whistles.. put 2 cardmum without broken while pressure cook rice and milk(this cardmum gives an amazing aroma to kheer and shows it’s visible presence in kheer).. Switch off the flame and let to cook rice with milk in steam

  4. In the mean while Crush almonds with the help of a pestel pot(fo’ quick prepration need n’t to slice almonds) and slice pistachios with the help of a knife and keep aside

  5. Check the consistency of kheer.. It should n’t be thick or runny and milk and rice should n’t seem to be seprate-seprate.. At this stage add sugar and give a good mix.. Flame off

  6. Yo’r creamy traditional rice kheer is ready

  7. Transfer in a serving bowl

  8. Sprinkle crushed almonds and create swastika with cardmum powder and sliced pistachios.. put saffron strands in the 4blocks of swastic and set a rose flower in the centre

  9. Serve

  10. Tip _after cooling the consistency of kheer may thicken.. U can mix little boiled milk and stir, it will get a smooth consistency