Easy Onion soup Recipes

Easy Onion soup Recipes

The ingredients Easy Onion soup Recipes

  1. 2 onion
  2. 2-3 garlics
  3. 500-700 ml Chicken/ meat stock
  4. Salt
  5. Sugar
  6. Pepper

Step-step making Easy Onion soup Recipes

  1. Put the onion and garlics directly into the pan with medium low temperature. Keep stir frying until it come to be transparent. (8-10 minutes)

  2. Add salt and self defense, and keep stir frying.

  3. Put in glucose when the onion become caramelised. Hold stirring until it become gold found in color

  4. Put the chicken stock (beef original is also okay). Turn to reduced heat and keep boiling for 45 mins (or more)