Easy Katori Chaat Recipe Recipes


Easy Katori Chaat Recipe Recipes

The ingredients Easy Katori Chaat Recipe Recipes

  1. for katoris:
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    Step-step making Easy Katori Chaat Recipe Recipes>

    1. Knead dough with, flour, salt, ajwain, water.

    2. Make small paintballs and roll in small round condition

    3. Grease the bowl together with wrap the dough around it, puncture the bottom it stops it via puffing.

    4. Heat oil.

    5. In the heated oil shed the katori wrapped with dough together with fry it.

    6. Oil is going to start filling up in the katori, BE CAREFUL. Using a tong properly remove the dough from the katori and after draining all the engine oil pull the katori out. DO DEFINITELY NOT TOUCH, it’s still hot. Keep baking the dough shaped katori in engine oil till golden and crisp on channel to high flame.

    7. When brown remove from oil and remove it on a paper towel.

    8. Assembling katoris

    9. Process boiled potatoes and fry them right up until golden brown. Instead of frying an individual can bake the potatoes.

    10. Remove pulp from tomatoes and process them.

    11. Assemble all typically the ingredients and let’s begin filling way up these goodies…

    12. Place katori on a clean plate…

    13. Pour 1 tablespoon green chutney on the base of the katori…

    14. Add 1 tablespoon tamarind chutney…

    15. Add 1 tablespoon curd…

    16. Add 1 tablespoon cut chickpeas, sprinkle a pinch of sodium….

    17. Add 1 tablespoon deep-fried potatoes….

    18. Add 1 tbsp. of chopped onions….

    19. Add you tablespoon chopped tomatoes, sprinkle a little of salt….

    20. Add you tablespoon curd….

    21. Add you teaspoon green chutney, tamarind chutney, tear gas and chat masala. Since we own added salt earlier so you can easily pass on the salt and chaat masala and chutneys will take care and attention of the salt content.

    22. Top with sev and chopped cilantro and serve!!