Easy Chorizo Quesadillas Recipes

Easy Chorizo Quesadillas Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Chorizo Quesadillas Recipes

  1. 1 Cacique beef or pork chorizo
  2. 4 hot dogs
  3. Bacon
  4. 1/4 little onion
  5. 1 jalapeo (optional)
  6. Oil

Step-step making Chorizo Quesadillas

  1. Cut bacon/ham into small pieces (about 1/2) and hot dogs into 4 s (triangle pieces)

  2. Cut onion and pepper in small square pieces

  3. Take chorizo out involving packing and place in hot fry pan; add two table spoons of engine oil. Cook at medium temperature

  4. Once chorizo is normally almost fully cooked (not burned), insert onion, and jalapeo

  5. When onion turns some sort of clear color, add ham and popular dogs

  6. Mix, add about 1/4 cup involving water and bring to boil

  7. Lower heat, cover, and make meals for 5 minutes

  8. Once ready, set in reserve

  9. Heating flour or corn tortillas just adequate to soften (I prefer flour)

  10. Add mozzarella dairy product and chorizo mix

  11. Fold, turn occasionally right up until crisp or leave tortilla soft

  12. Enjoy!! (Taste great without jalapeos, and if an individual don’t eat pork, you can work with beef chorizo and turkey in spot of ham)