Easy Ginger Rice Wine Chicken Recipes

Easy Ginger Rice Wine Chicken Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Ginger Rice Wine Chicken Recipes

  1. chicken with skins on (Cut straight into small bite size)
  2. 1 tbsp soya sauce
  3. to taste salt
  4. 10 shitake mushrooms
  5. 1 cup Friend Rice wine (1/2 cup red wine)
  6. 2 inches ginger (thinly sliced)
  7. 1 tbsp sesame oil
  8. 1 tbsp darkish sugar
  9. 1 stalk spring and coil union (cut into 2 inches)

Step-step making Ginger Rice Wine Chicken

  1. In a pot, add sesame oil over medium heat. Add half the ginger in and fry it until brown and crispy. Spoon them upward and set aside.

  2. Within the same pot, add chicken within. cook until the chicken is 70% done.

  3. Add half glass of rice wine in. Reduce the particular heat to low cook for five mins.

  4. Add mushrooms within.

  5. Add soya sauce, glucose in

  6. Cover the container with lid and cook for one more 20 mins

  7. Add the particular remaining rice wine and ginger within, add salt to taste. Cook intended for another 3 min

  8. Include the fried ginger and spring unions on top and serve with whitened rice.