Easy Trahanas from Chios “the authentic” Recipes


Easy Trahanas from Chios “the authentic” Recipes

The ingredients Easy Trahanas from Chios “the authentic” Recipes

  1. 2 kilogram ripe tomatoes, quartered
  2. a single kg coarsely cut onions
  3. 100 g dry tarhana herb
  4. 1/2 kg great semolina
  5. salt
  6. 450 grams full fat sheep’s milk products yogurt or strained yogurt
  7. 3/4 kilogram to 1 kg flour for bread (about 6-8 cups)

Step-step making Easy Trahanas from Chios “the authentic” Recipes>

  1. Mix the tomatoes, onions and tarhana herb in a new pot and boil. Lower typically the heat and simmer until just about all the vegetables are tender, regarding about 35 minutes.

  2. Remove the tarhana herb. Mash the vegetables by simply hand or use a mixer.

  3. Place typically the vegetable purée in a new pan, add the semolina and typically the flour and mix. Cover typically the mixture with plastic wrap in addition to leave it to rest regarding half an hour.

  4. Preheat the cooker at 100°C. Place two making cookies trays lined with light weight aluminum evade. Mix the yogurt with typically the purée and add as many flour as is needed to be able to make a firm bread of which should be quite gross.

  5. Place typically the dough on a dusted area and knead it until that softens, for about 15 mins. adding more salt if typically the dough is too gross.

  6. Divide that into 10 pieces. Press these people with your hands so of which they get about 1 centimeter thick and place them inside the baking tray.

  7. Leave them to be able to dry in the cooker regarding about 2-3 hours. (You want less time in ranges together with a grill).

  8. Turn the pieces in addition to let them dry for a great additional hour or until they will become hard enough to fall.

  9. Combination the pasta in batches. Position the crumbs in the plastic trays for an additional 2-3 several hours until they get very very difficult. (The time required for this specific procedure is relative). From moment to time check the breadcrumbs and stir them.

  10. Leave the trahana to dry at room temp and then you can retail store it in airtight jars or perhaps cotton pouches (like pillowcases). That keeps for over a new season.