Easy Vasanu Recipes

Easy Vasanu Recipes

The ingredients Easy Vasanu Recipes

  1. 500 gms wheat flour (thick)
  2. five hundred gms ghee
  3. 500 gms jaggery
  4. 100 gms Batrisu/katalu
  5. 100 gms gond/edible gum
  6. 50 gms methi powder
  7. 1 tbsp saunth powder
  8. 1 tbsp ganthola powder
  9. 1 vati dry coconut
  10. 2 tbsp each Dry fruits – Almonds, cashews, Pista, walnuts

Step-step making Easy Vasanu Recipes

  1. Heat ghee, roast the edible bubble gum. It will become big in dimensions. Keep aside.

  2. Now warm ghee roast wheat flour. Let that be golden brown. Chop the coconut and roast it. Cool it and even grind it. Grind the edible bubble gum too.

  3. Chop the dried fruits and keep aside.

  4. Now again heat ghee and burn jaggery. Now mix the wheat flour, jaggery and all remaining ingredients. Mixture well.

  5. Now spread that in a plate and press consistently with a vati or spatula. In that case garnish with dry fruits. Cut and even make pieces.