Easy Vickys Plum Gin Recipes

Easy Vickys Plum Gin Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Vickys Plum Gin Recipes

  1. 800 g ripe plums
  2. 200 g granulated sugar
  3. 70 cl good gin (or vodka)

Step-step making Vickys Plum Gin

  1. Wash the plums then pierce almost all over with a fork

  2. Put into the sterilised Kilner jar / jars along with the sugar then pour the gin over

  3. Seal the jar and shake this

  4. Keep the jar in a cool black cupboard, shaking again every day with regard to the next 3 days to break down the sugar well

  5. Let stand for a few months without disturbing it, then stress through a fine muslin cloth

  6. Don’t discard the plums. They may perfect for a fruit crumble along with their extra flavouring now!

  7. Pour the gin into a clear, sterilised bottle / bottles and take pleasure in!