Easy Arabian Dolma Recipes


Easy Arabian Dolma Recipes

The ingredients Easy Arabian Dolma Recipes

  1. For the rice mixture
  2. Get a bowl put water throughout then add rice leave for 30 mins t
  3. After put tamarind paste(a bit only)
  4. 2 tablespoon salt
  5. Crush meat(certain blender or may use frequent blender)
  6. Stuff the hemp mixture in grape leaves or onions or pepper

Step-step making Easy Arabian Dolma Recipes>

  1. Get your items ready make confident also you don’t add tamarind together with the salt in make sure typically the water is out of the pan and leave soaked rice only

  2. Stuff typically the rice mixture in grape leaves flip like as if folding egg flows the meat at the bottom can be optional

  3. Cook for a couple of hours

  4. Enjoy it can be very delicious