Easy Mabo Dofu (Tofu) Japanese Style Recipes

Easy Mabo Dofu (Tofu) Japanese Style Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Mabo Dofu (Tofu) Japanese Style Recipes

  1. 500 g Tofu *Momen Tofu will be preferred
  2. 250-300 g Pig Mince
  3. Garlic 1 clove *finely chopped
  4. Ginger one small piece *finely cut
  5. 4 Thick Spring Onions *finely chopped
  6. 1 tablespoon Oil
  7. Step-step making Mabo Dofu (Tofu) Japanese Style

    1. Prepare vegetables. Basically you need to be able to finely chop up everything. Save renewable part of Spring Onion for typically the topping when you serve. Cut Tofu into bite-size cubes.

    2. Spot all the sauce ingredients in some sort of mixing bowl and mix well. This kind of has to be done before an individual start cooking. Cooking process doesn’t have long at all.

    3. Heating Oil in a large frying griddle or a wok, cook Pork Fin and vegetables breaking up the fin.

    4. Before you add typically the sauce mixture into the pan, combination it well again. Then pour throughout the sauce mixture and bring that to boil and let it coagulate.

    5. Add Tofu and delicately mix and combine.

    6. Drop the chopped green part of Spring and coil Onion on top and serve.