Easy The Natural Recipes

Easy The Natural Recipes

The ingredients Easy The Natural Recipes

  1. 3 slices rye bread
  2. 4 natural eggs
  3. In order to taste kosher salt
  4. In order to taste floor black pepper
  5. 1/3 stick butter

Step-step making Easy The Natural Recipes

  1. To a hot skillet with some sort of little butter on it add typically the salt and pepper, add two senis of butter and let it burn

  2. Beat the offspring and add the eggs. When typically the eggs are done add to some sort of plate.

  3. Make the bread. When the bread is definitely browned add a little butter and even melt to the bread.

  4. Add half the ova to one slice. Stack the bakery and add the rest of typically the eggs to the top. Top using the last slice of bread. Work I hope you enjoy!!