Easy #Breakfastideacontest#kano Recipes

Easy #Breakfastideacontest#kano Recipes

The ingredients Easy #Breakfastideacontest#kano Recipes

  1. 2 half of tins beans
  2. 8 Attarugu
  3. 3 purple pepper
  4. Onions
  5. Oil
  6. Seasonings

Step-step making Easy #Breakfastideacontest#kano Recipes

  1. Soak beans for 5-10mins, sae ah surfa Wash and keep aside inside water. wash attarugu and red pepper, cut onions, grate some and put the rest inside the beans. blend beans, add seasonings, oil and grated attarugu

  2. Add warm water and stir. put inside nylon bags and cook.