Easy Egg rice special Recipes


Easy Egg rice special Recipes

The ingredients Easy Egg rice special Recipes

  1. 6 boil egg
  2. 4 Tomato puree
  3. 1 tbsp Black pepper
  4. as per taste Salt
  5. 1/2 bowl Cream
  6. to taste Sodium
  7. 1 tbsp turmeric
  8. you bowl Boil rice
  9. you TBsp Ginger garlic composite
  10. 1 tbsp Kasuri methi
  11. 2 Green chilli

Step-step making Easy Egg rice special Recipes>

  1. Making gravy – grind tomato ginger garlic and green chilli.

  2. Add ghee in kadai now tomato puree and all spices.. saute properly add cream make them boil

  3. Add egg you can smolder the boil egg also i didnt fry.. serve and garnish with onion tomato and coriander leaves..