Easy Yemeni chicken harees Recipes

Easy Yemeni chicken harees Recipes

The ingredients Easy Yemeni chicken harees Recipes

  1. 250 gmc broken harees wheat, relax overnight in warm water.
  2. 250 gmc boneless chicken thighs
  3. 2 hundred gm onion, finely cut up
  4. 2
    Step-step making Easy Yemeni chicken harees Recipes

    1. In a medium sized non stay pan heat clarified butter on reduced heat.

    2. Add cumin seeds, cinnamon stick, entire black pepper, clovesand green cardamom, saute for a minute.

    3. Add more garlic and sliced onions. Saute upon medium -low heat until onions switch soft and start to brown.

    4. Add chicken pieces and natural chillies. Saute until chicken pieces switch white.

    5. Add 250 ml water and stir together. Bring in order to a boil., turn heat to lower, cover with lid and let make on simmer until chicken is 3/4 cooked through.

    6. Add whole wheat salt and 1 litre hot drinking water. Stir well. Cover lid, cook upon simmer, till the wheat is smooth and cooked through and a poridge- like consistency is reached. Remove through heat.

    7. Spoon into the serving bowl or individual bowls.

    8. Sprinkle grated cheese and best with red chilli vinegar paste.