Easy Creamy Prawn ‘Korokke’ Recipes

Easy Creamy Prawn ‘Korokke’ Recipes

The ingredients Easy Creamy Prawn ‘Korokke’ Recipes

  1. 5-6 Large Potatoes *dry
    Step-step making Easy Creamy Prawn ‘Korokke’ Recipes

    1. Clean the particular Raw Prawns and reduce into 1cm pieces. In case you use Cooked Prawns, simply cut them in to 1cm pieces and arranged aside.

    2. Warmth Butter in a baking pan and cook Red onion and Garlic until smooth, then add Raw Prawns and cook for 1-2 minutes until the prawns are cooked through. Time of year with Salt and Spice up. *If you use Prepared Prawns, you need in order to cook only Onion plus Garlic.

    3. In the mean time, peel Potatoes and reduce into small pieces. Make in salted water till soft. Drain very nicely and mash.

    4. In a large dish, combine mashed potatoes, prawn mixture (OR onion combination and cut prawn pieces), Frozen Peas and Hammer toe, saved finely chopped red onion and Japanese Mayonnaise, time of year with Salt