Easy Matcha layer pancakes Recipes

Easy Matcha layer pancakes Recipes

The ingredients Easy Matcha layer pancakes Recipes

  1. Pancakes batter
  2. 200 gm flour
  3. 2 tablespoon matcha powder
  4. 4 big ovum
  5. 1 dl milk
  6. fifty gm butter
  7. Fillings and topping
  8. Strawberry jam
  9. Cream
  10. Icing sugar powder

Step-step making Easy Matcha layer pancakes Recipes

  1. Mixed the ingredients on a pan, beat it become the batter.

  2. Heat up the frying griddle and add in a little touch of butter. Once the butter can be melted, used a brush to wash around the frying pan. Turn typically the heat into medium heat, pour some sort of scoop of the batter on typically the pan and let it slow melted the pancake to preserved the renewable colour.

  3. Continue to deep-fried until gets 10 pieces of typically the pancakes. Let it chill for all around 30min.

  4. After the pancakes is cooling down. Time for answering. Add one layer of cream together with one layer of strawberry jam right up until the layer.

  5. Topping typically the layer pancakes with icing sugar. In that case is ready to served