Easy Fondant: Marshmallow Recipes

Easy Fondant: Marshmallow Recipes

The ingredients Easy Fondant: Marshmallow Recipes

  1. 1/4 m Butter
  2. 1-16 oz Mini-Marshmallow Bag
  3. 1/4 c Water
  4. 1 tsp Vanilla
  5. 2 lbs Powder Sugar

Step-step making Easy Fondant: Marshmallow Recipes

  1. Microwave marshmallows in some sort of bowl and stir in 25 second increments until melted and even “puffed up”.

  2. Stir in vanilla and even water into melted marshmallows. This kind of will help the marshmallows to be able to “release” from the bowl.

  3. Reserve a single c powdered sugar for rubbing fondant.

  4. Slowly beat in powdered sweets, 1 cup at a moment, until you have a gross, hard dough.

  5. Spread some of the arranged powdered sugar onto some sort of clear counter. Rub hands with spread and begin kneading gross cash. The more you rub, typically the more workable and soft typically the dough will be.

  6. Form fondant straight into a ball and wrap snugly in plastic wrap. Refrigerate intended for a few hours.

  7. Work with smaller amounts of fondant, so typically the rest will not dry out and about. To use, allow fondant to be able to come to room temperatures and even roll onto flat surface dusted with corn starch.

  8. Notes: Butter is definitely used to grease hands when mixing powdered sugar and marshmallow. When storing fondant, butter some sort of plastic bag or plastic put and keep air tight.