Easy Layered/Varaki/lachha paratha#56bhog Recipes

Easy Layered/Varaki/lachha paratha#56bhog Recipes

The ingredients Easy Layered/Varaki/lachha paratha#56bhog Recipes

  1. 1 mug Wheat flour
  2. 2 tbsp Melted butter/desi ghee
  3. 0.5 cup Warm water

Step-step making Easy Layered/Varaki/lachha paratha#56bhog Recipes

  1. First of all take a major bowl or utensil and sieve typically the wheat flour.. add melted butter/desi ghee and rub with both of yo’r hands to well incorporate the flour and butter /ghee

  2. Produce a dough of medium consistency (neither too soft nor too much hard) by adding little by little comfy water (in hot weather can apply water of normal temprature).. give some sort of rest of 20-25 minutes to typically the dough to set completely

  3. 1st method_Make big lemon size paintballs out of dough and flatten in a rolling board with the support of a rolling pin by dusting some flour on surface to produce the shape of round”roti”.. cut reel of the”roti”with the help of some sort of pizza cutter or a knife.. Hair brush some ghee and sprinkledry dry flour on “roti”(can make thisprocess before chopping strips, in that case strips could slightly difficult to cut).. place tape on one another and roll throughout on like a wheel

  4. 2nd method _can fold n flatten chapatti like some sort of fan after brushing with ghee together with sprinkling dry flour over”roti”and roll throughout on making the shape of some sort of wheel

  5. Roll chapatti of wheel shape funds ball by dusting dry four in rolling board with the help involving a rolling pin

  6. Heating the skillet and place chapatti found on it.. let it to cook fo’ a while then flip it above (turn up side down) and prepare food from other side till brown locations start appearing on chapatti.. cook typically the chapatti from both sides by tossing (turning over) again and again in high to medium flame(can cook in direct flame by turning over once more and again quickly fo’ much crispness)

  7. Brush the chapatti having a 1/2 spoon of butter together with slightly crush by placing a kichen napkin on yo’r hands as that is too much hot at this time(don’t burn the chappaties while cooking)

  8. Make all the chapatties having same process

  9. Transfer inside of a serving plate

  10. Work hot with vegetable or pulses(dal)