Easy Budget Stew Recipes

Easy Budget Stew Recipes

The ingredients Easy Budget Stew Recipes

  1. 1 cup Soup Mix(also called Broth mix)
  2. five hundred grams meat Skirt/ braising beef/ any kind of cheap meat
  3. 2 pints water
  4. four Stock cubes
  5. 500 grms Potatoes
  6. 2 large Onions (OR four large Leeks)
  7. 500 grams Carrots
  8. one tin Peas, Sweetcorn or any some other veg, or not
  9. 1 little Oil or Butter
  10. to flavor Salt plus Pepper

Step-step making Easy Budget Stew Recipes

  1. Mix 1 cup soup mix in at least four cups boiling water in the bowl and leave to bathe for at least an hr, longer/ overnight if possible.

  2. When prepared to cook your meal, just cut meat (I used sausages!! ), and onions, (or leeks! ), into small pieces plus add to a large container with a little oil or even butter. Brown off the meats and onions.

  3. Wash and peel Taters and vegetables (if required, or even leave on the peel in case you can, ( Carrots, Taters, courgettes, for added vitamins). ) cut up small and include to the pot. Add any kind of tin veg if you possess it. Stir well

  4. Add the soup mix, and the water this was soaked in, to the container and slowly bring to the particular boil. Turn down to the simmer, cover with cover. In the mean time dissolve Stock Cubes in the little boiling water and include to the pot.

  5. Simmer for in least 40 minutes until the particular grains are soft, and the particular vegetables and meat are prepared. Check taste and add salt and pepper if needed. Function with bread. Enjoy!!