Easy Oven baked Chicken Recipes

Easy Oven baked Chicken Recipes

The ingredients Easy Oven baked Chicken Recipes

  1. 1 chicken
  2. 2 tbpn of oil
  3. 6 maggi
  4. 1 onga
  5. 1 big onion
  6. Ginger garlic paste
  7. Cloves
  8. Garam masala
  9. 2 Scotch bonnet
  10. Pinch salt
  11. Fresh tomato
  12. Cabbage
  13. Sliced onion
  14. Bay leave
  15. Curry powder
  16. Cucumber

Step-step making Easy Oven baked Chicken Recipes

  1. Wash and cut the chicken into pieces, wash again and sieve the chicken for 30mins.

  2. Marinate the chicken with ginger garlic paste, garam masala, Maggi, onga, oil, salt, ground scotch bonnet, onion, cloves, bay leave and curry powder, then mix them well and set aside for about 3 to 4hrs.

  3. Grease the baking tray with oil and pour the marinate chicken.

  4. Put the baking tray in oven and bake for 40 to 45mins.

  5. When its about to be done, cut cabbage, onion, cucumber and fresh tomato. Then mix with the chicken and stir well. Allow to steam for 3mins and enjoy.