Easy Pemmican/ Jerky Recipes

Easy Pemmican/ Jerky Recipes

The ingredients Easy Pemmican/ Jerky Recipes

  1. 3 lbs lean beef
  2. As required salt
  3. As needed ground black pepper
  4. As required metal skewers
  5. 1/3 glass melted bison tallow

Step-step making Easy Pemmican/ Jerky Recipes

  1. Slice salt and pepper the beef. Slice this thinly. Cover all the pieces well. I put them into a ziploc bag and beat them thinner. This also incorporated the salt and pepper into the meat.

  2. Get your fire started. I used oak, pecan, and hickory wood. I built the fire on one end of the grill. This is to use indirect heat.

  3. Put the strips onto a skewer on one end of the strips. I have a vegetable griller pan, to place the skewers on. Remember that the skewers get hot also.

  4. When the meat is done, some may become charcoal lol, put into a bowl. Cook times very on thickness of meat and heat of the fire. This took about 2 hours start to finish. About 90 minutes was cook time.

  5. Get the tallow, melt it down. Not to lots of heat but like candle wax.

  6. Coat each piece well with the warm tallow.

  7. Put into a ziploc bag you can see where the tallow is cooling leaving a candle wax like residue, and making an airtight seal. This will keep for a very long time several months to years. You can also keep in a jar. I hope you enjoy!!!