Easy Dry fruit bars Recipes

Easy Dry fruit bars Recipes

The ingredients Easy Dry fruit bars Recipes

  1. 1 mug cashew nuts roughly cut
  2. 1 cup almonds approximately chopped
  3. 1 cup pampre
  4. 2 cups puffed grain (murmure)
  5. 4-5t. spoons Jaggery melted
  6. 1t. spoon honey
  7. 1t. spoon ghee

Step-step making Easy Dry fruit bars Recipes

  1. Heat a pan and dry beef roasts roughly chopped almonds. When the color changes of almonds and the uncooked smell goes away, remove from skillet. Now in a same way beef roasts cashew nuts and raisins. At final roast murmure for a while.

  2. In a same hot skillet add jaggery and add half capital t. spoon ghee. Melt it properly after that add honey and add all the particular dry roasted dry fruits and puffed rice to melted jaggery. On legislation flame mix well.

  3. Right now half t. spoon of ghee use on the vessel on which a person wanna spread the mixture. Now eliminate the mixture on the plate plus let it set well.

  4. When it cools down, cut the particular mixture into small bars…