Easy Stuffed Yam balls Recipes

Easy Stuffed Yam balls Recipes

The ingredients Easy Stuffed Yam balls Recipes

  1. Yam
  2. Onions, garlic, pepper
  3. Minced meat
  4. cubes Seasoning
  5. Spices
  6. Frying oil
  7. Eggs

Step-step making Easy Stuffed Yam balls Recipes

  1. Boil yam until it’s soft

  2. In a mortar or mixer add in the scotch bonnets, garlic herb, onions, stock cubes and spices and even then blend or pound.

  3. Now add the yam and keep on to pound until it’ss smooth although not too smooth as pounded sweet potato

  4. Roll out into balls as per plain yamballs or let’s take a proceed from here.

  5. Acquire out some minced meat and make meals until the water is dried. Tart it up and set aside.

  6. When you scoop out typically the yam balls flatten it and set some minced meat into it in that case roll into balls

  7. Whisk the eggs using seasoning as well.

  8. To be able to fry: heat the oil and plunge yamballs into the eggs and flame up until golden brown