Easy Doodhia mulhar #diwali Recipes

Easy Doodhia mulhar #diwali Recipes

The ingredients Easy Doodhia mulhar #diwali Recipes

  1. 1/2 litre Milk
  2. 10-15 Small chamcham or dry rassgullah
  3. just one tsp vanilla custard dust mixed with 1/4 cold milk
  4. some tbsps Condensed milk
  5. .25 tin Mix fruit cocktail(optional)
  6. 2 tbsps fresh pulled sweet Cream
  7. Some dry out fruits, apple slices and Tutti frutti for garnishing

Step-step making Easy Doodhia mulhar #diwali Recipes

  1. Cook milk for 10 minutes until thick. Now add vanilla custard mixed with 1/4 cold milk, cook until thick, remove, cool completely.

  2. Add condensed milk, fruit cocktail(if using) and cream in cold milk.

  3. Pour milk mixture in a new dish and arrange chamcham or dry out rassgullah over it.

  4. Ornament with, dry fruits, and Tutti fruity and apple slices.
    serve perfectly chilled.

  5. You can prepare this in advance and serve chilled.

  6. Note-if you like more lovely, you can add sugar to style also. I did not use since of condensed milk, cream and rasgullas.