Easy Dam aloo Recipes

Easy Dam aloo Recipes

The ingredients Easy Dam aloo Recipes

  1. 200 g potato
  2. some tomato
  3. 4 onion
  4. Ginger garlic substance
  5. Curd
  6. to be able to taste Sodium
  7. Masale

Step-step making Easy Dam aloo Recipes

  1. Boil eliminato to two whistles

  2. Marinate potato in addition to shallow fry them

  3. Add ginger garlic herb paste in oil in addition to saute onion to bit of brown and then help to make a paste of that.

  4. Then heat up the pan and set some oil in that and add the masala in it after thar add tomato in that and add other masala and salt to preference

  5. After just about all the masala is grilled add curd in that