Easy Simple chicken stock Recipes

Easy Simple chicken stock Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Simple chicken stock Recipes

  1. one kg chicken bone fragments
  2. 2 liter water
  3. 3 tbsp salt
  4. 50 gr carrot (optional)
  5. 50 gr leek / spring onion (optional)
  6. 20 gr parsley stem (optional)

Step-step making Simple chicken stock

  1. Debone your whole chicken. Keep the particular bones.

  2. Boil the bone fragments with the water. Add in the particular optional vegetables if you want. This gives aroma.

  3. Skim the stock if this is required.

  4. Let this steam for 3 minutes then simmer this.

  5. Simmer the chicken with medium to lower heat for 1 hour or even much longer. The longer you cook, the stock is fattier.

  6. The stock will be fattier with slowly simmering method.

  7. After 1 hr, switch off the heat. Remove the particular bones and strain the stock out there.

  8. A person have your stock ready for the particular soup, risotto, and rice