Easy American burger Recipes

Easy American burger Recipes

The ingredients Easy American burger Recipes

  1. 1/4 kilogram minced meat
  2. 2 tbspns ketchup
  3. 2 eggs
  4. 1 packet all set made buns
  5. 1 tspn margarine
  6. 1 lettuce
  7. you white onion
  8. 1 tomato
  9. to taste Salt
  10. 1 freshly tightened lemon

Step-step making Easy American burger Recipes

  1. In a bowl with minced meats, add beaten eggs, salt, lime fruit juice and ketchup sauce

  2. Combine them well till they’re finely included

  3. Then fold them directly into sizeable ball shapes as you established aside

  4. Press them today into rounded shapes

  5. A single by one, shallow fry them upon a pan until both sides are usually evenly cooked

  6. For the particular buns, cut each piece into 2 halves, apply margarine in the internal part this applied part of each halves on medium low heat

  7. With one heated side dealing with up, arrange the veggies starting along with the lettuce, sliced tomatoes the deep-fried mince meat, ketchup sauce, white red onion and finally the other half component of the bun

  8. Keep on the same process with the outstanding buns and balls of minced meats

  9. With the final attained sandwich snack serve it immediately followed with a chilled drink