Easy Turkey salad Recipes

Easy Turkey salad Recipes

The ingredients Easy Turkey salad Recipes

  1. Turkey rough chopped
  2. Oatmeal diced
  3. Cherry tomatoes diced or chopped
  4. Can lovely corn
  5. 10 eggs boiled then peeled and chopped
  6. 1/2 mugs Mayo… 1
  7. teaspoons Mustard.. couple
  8. 4 tblspns of white sugar
  9. 3-4 mugs elbow macaroni
  10. Onion chopped
  11. 5-6 garlic clove cloves

Step-step making Easy Turkey salad Recipes

  1. Rough chop Turkey meat, both whitened and dark meat and place within large bowl

  2. Chop upward the onions, celery, garlic and tomato vegetables and add to boil

  3. Definitely boil your macaroni pasta whilst chopping/prepping the veges

  4. Steam your eggs… I use 10 eggs… then chop them up… rough chopped

  5. Open of a may of corn…. And everything in the bowl, then add mustard and mayo, then add sugar

  6. Mix all together and serve