Easy Chinese brown rice Recipes

Easy Chinese brown rice Recipes

The ingredients Easy Chinese brown rice Recipes

  1. 2 cups of Basmati
  2. 6 cuts of chicken
  3. 3 tbsp veg. Oil
  4. 7 mini onion bulbs
  5. Handful blanched broccoli
  6. Handful cut scallion
  7. Pinch cumin
  8. several pods cardamom
  9. Dash black pepper corn powder
  10. Sprinkle ginger powder
  11. Dash curry
  12. Dash rooster seasoning
  13. Dash white cayenne pepper powder
  14. 2 cubes knorr seasoning
  15. Dash soy spices

Step-step making Easy Chinese brown rice Recipes

  1. Wash and perboil rice until soft and tender

  2. Wash and marinate chicken 3hours before cooking time

  3. Onion bulbs, blanched ripe broccoli, chopped scallion

  4. In a Pan, add oil and a pinch of cumin seeds

  5. Add cardamom pods

  6. Add onion bulbs

  7. Then add the marinated chicken and let it cook slowly for 20mins

  8. Do not add extra water, the marinade and juice of the chicken is enough to let it cook completely,

  9. Then add the parboiled rice and some seasoning

  10. Add some soy sauce

  11. Stir and cover to let it cook for 5-7mins, then add the blanched ripe broccoli

  12. Add the chopped scallion and stir completely, cover and let it simmer

  13. Then open lid and turn off heat, serve warm and enjoy