Easy Mince (fruit) Pies Recipes

Easy Mince (fruit) Pies Recipes

The ingredients Easy Mince (fruit) Pies Recipes

  1. 1 mix of Sweet Shortcrust Pastry(see my other recipes)(use margarine for Vegans)
  2. 1 kilo Best Mincemeat Mix
  3. 500 Grams Glacé Cherries
  4. 50-100 mls Dark Rum
  5. 2 eggs
  6. 2 cutters, one larger than the other
  7. 1 star cutter (optional)

Step-step making Easy Mince (fruit) Pies Recipes

  1. Chill pastry, if not already. Placed aside 1/3 pastry for lids. Spread 2 x 12 cup cake tins.

  2. Put all the mincemeat and cherries into a bowl. Hint over the Rum, mix well together with leave to soak while you make the pastry.

  3. Roll out 2/3 pastry, (for bases, ) using the larger blade mechanism cut out enough circles to complete two 12 cup cake tins. Hit gently to fit.

  4. Whisk the eggs in some sort of cup. Use a pastry brush to be able to coat all the insides and tires and rims of the cases.

  5. Spoon mince mix in the cups, making sure it’s definitely not over the rims.

  6. Using trimmings, plus typically the other 1/3 of pastry, roll over into a sheet. Cut 24 covers with smaller cutter. Use Star blade mechanism in centre, or pierce with some sort of fork.

  7. Add lids to cups. Press along edges to seal. Baste with overwhelmed egg.

  8. Prepare food in medium hot oven for 15-25 minutes, turning once to brown uniformly. Carefully prize out of the tins, (as the liquid sticks them throughout! ), and put on a line rack to cool completely. Enjoy! Are able to be frozen up to 6 many months.