Easy Holi special thali Recipes

Easy Holi special thali Recipes

The ingredients Easy Holi special thali Recipes

  1. 2 cups whole wheat flour
  2. 1/2 cup sugar
  3. Pinch salt
  4. 1/2 cup ghee to add in the money
  5. as required to fry Ghee
  6. ~filling with regard to gujia~
  7. 1 spoon gulkand
  8. as required Chopped dryfruits of your choice

Step-step making Easy Holi special thali Recipes

  1. Take a mixing dish or big thali and include the flour, sugar, salt in addition to ghee in it and combine it well. Add water since required to knead a clean but tight dough.

  2. Take a large ball regarding the dough and roll this into a thick chapati. Then simply cut it in diamond form using a knife.

  3. Heat up the oil/ghee inside a frying pan and include the diamond shape shakkar afin de in it. Keep the fire on low so the olive oil won’t be too hot in addition to the paras will be grilled from both inside and exterior. Keep stirring it so the particular paras won’t be burnt as well quickly. Keep the flame reduced and cook them for a new few minutes until they switch golden brown.

  4. Regarding heart shape puri, I thrown the dough into a skinny chapati and cut it directly into a heart shape using a new heart shape bowl and smolder it on the low fire till it turn golden dark brown.

  5. For Gujiya, I actually took a small portion regarding the dough and rolled directly into a thin chapati. I place the gulkand and dryfruits inside the middle of it in addition to rolled it into half. I actually put the pressure on the particular sides and locked them applying a fork.

  6. As soon as done fry it on reduced flame for a couple mins till it turn golden dark brown. Now enjoy the sweet gujiya and shakkar para and supply your heart to your like ones and enjoy holi.