Easy Beef samosas Recipes

Easy Beef samosas Recipes

The ingredients Easy Beef samosas Recipes

  1. For the dough:
  2. 2 cups most purpose baking flour
  3. Freshly squeezed lemon
  4. For minced beef
  5. 1 red onion finely chopped
  6. to tastes Salt
  7. a single tspn curry powder snow
  8. 1 tspn garam masala
  9. 1 tspn paprika
  10. a single tspn turmeric
  11. 1/4 kg ground beef minced meat
  12. 2 tbspns cooking oil

Step-step making Easy Beef samosas Recipes

  1. For minced meat, boil it till its tender then pan fry it with the spices above to add flavor. For the dough, squeeze lime into flour, mix and knead

  2. Add water as you carry on kneading to acquire a medium money consistency

  3. Make small tennis balls from the kneaded dough

  4. Roll them into rounded shapes then apply oil on top of them

  5. Arrange them in a pile with the oily part facing up

  6. Roll the stack into one big round shape

  7. Cut into desirable shapes then heat them on medium low warmth as you peel off the thin layers

  8. Fold them to create a compression for filling in the minced meat

  9. Make (manda)mix flour plus water to take action as glue to cover the packed in minced meat

  10. Heavy fry them to an evenly browned crunchy finish

  11. Serve very hot with a chilled drink