Easy Masala pav Recipes

Easy Masala pav Recipes

The ingredients Easy Masala pav Recipes

  1. 1 table spoon Lemon juice
  2. 2 teaspoon Ginger or garlic composite
  3. 4 pav
  4. 1 chopped onion
  5. 1 chopped tomato
  6. 1 sliced capsicum
  7. 1 spoon pav bhaji masala
  8. Salt like per test
  9. Red chilli powder as per test
  10. 2 table spoon butter

Step-step making Easy Masala pav Recipes

  1. Cut the pav in to little cubes..

  2. Heat butter in a pan upon medium flame..

  3. Add cut onion saute for until soft…. Increase chopped tomatoe saute till soft…

  4. Now add capsicum, Ginger or even garlic paste and pav bhaji masala saute for 2-3 minutes..

  5. Now add lime juice, salt crimson chilli powder and pav cubes combine well…

  6. Masala pav is usually ready to serve…