Easy “Black Forest” Gateaux Recipes

Easy “Black Forest” Gateaux Recipes

The ingredients Easy “Black Forest” Gateaux Recipes

  1. 1 large Chocolate Swiss Roll
  2. just one large Tin Black Cherry Fruit filling
  3. 1-2 packets Birds Dream Topping
  4. 150 mls Cold Milk
  5. Dark chocolate Stars or sprinkles of choice
  6. Will need a whisk!

Step-step making Easy “Black Forest” Gateaux Recipes

  1. Slice chocolate Swiss roll and location into bottom of a large food.

  2. Available Pie filling and smooth over the particular Swiss Roll. Mix a little simply by pressing the cherries into the pastry with a fork

  3. Whisk Dream Topping using the cold milk until it kinds stiff peaks. Spread over the combine in the dish. Add toppings or even sprinkles of choice! Chill in chiller for about 20 minutes. Enjoy.