Easy Corn spinach toast Recipes

Easy Corn spinach toast Recipes

The ingredients Easy Corn spinach toast Recipes

  1. 1/2 collection Blanched spinach
  2. 3-4 tbsp Boiled sweet corn
  3. 5 Bread sices
  4. 2-3 tbsp Mayonnaise
  5. 2-3 tbsp Cream cheese/regular cheese shredded
  6. half of tsp Salt to flavour
  7. 2 pinches Black tear gas
  8. 1 tbsp Oil/butter

Step-step making Easy Corn spinach toast Recipes

  1. First wash and blanch the spinach fo’ 5minutes.. immediately pour cold normal water to stop the cooking process unending after blanching.. boil the corn using little salt then chop the blanched spinach and add mayonnaise, cream cheese/regular cheese, salt, black pepper and offer a good mix to combine anything well(be careful while adding salt while it is already present in hammer toe and mayonnaise also)

  2. Take 2bread slices.. Implement a thick layer of corn spinach mixture and cover with the various other one

  3. Pre heat typically the toaster fo’ 30seconds.. grease it using little bit of butter with typically the help of a brush and toast the sandwich fo’ 5 minutes or perhaps till the brown marks visible and even get crisp.. make other sandwich toast with same stuffing process, switch off of the toaster

  4. Cut typically the toast into half straight in upright position

  5. Your corn spinach toast r ready now

  6. Serve hot with ketchup or seeing that it is with tea or caffeine as mayonnaise sauce is present inside of the toast

  7. ☺can help make this toast on grill toast griddle on flame