Easy Porcini pasta Recipes

Easy Porcini pasta Recipes

The ingredients Easy Porcini pasta Recipes

  1. 500 g pasta
  2. 200 g porcini or other mushrooms
  3. Small onion
  4. Chopped fresh parsley
  5. Spoonful cream
  6. Spoonful pasta cooking water
  7. Salt
  8. Olive oil
  9. Parmesan to serve

Step-step making Easy Porcini pasta Recipes

  1. Cook pasta according to instructions within salted water. Chop onion, washed cut mushrooms, parsley and gently fry within oil. Add spoonful of cream. Mix. Add spoonful of cooking water (this is the secret to make this creamy without actually using too very much cream)

  2. Empty pasta 1 min before cooking period. Add to sauce, mix and make for 1 min. Serve with a lot more parsley and Parmesan: )