Easy Cheela sandwich Recipes

Easy Cheela sandwich Recipes

The ingredients Easy Cheela sandwich Recipes

  1. 2 glasses yellow moong daal
  2. 3-4 tsp rice flour
  3. two tsp semolina
  4. to style Salt and red chili powder
  5. 1 tsp entire cumin seeds
  6. 4 boiled potatoes
  7. 1 chopped onions
  8. 1 tsp mustard seed products
  9. 5-6 curry leave1 efficient chili
  10. turmeric, red chilli, coriander pwdr and salt according in order to your kids taste

Step-step making Easy Cheela sandwich Recipes

  1. Grind the particular soaked moong daal along with minimum use of drinking water

  2. Take this out in a dish
    Add semolina and rice flour
    Beat nicely along with a big spoon or even hand

  3. Include cumin seeds
    Salt n chili powder plus let it rest with regard to 5-10 min

  4. Keep a pan or even tawa on the fire

    Make cheelas with the ready mixture when tawa is very hot in the same method as we make dosas

  5. Prepare aloo masala separately in the pan
    By including oil, mustard seeds whenever it crackles

  6. Add Chopped onions, curry leaves green chili and so on
    Sauté for the while
    Add turmeric, red chilli, coriander pwdr and salt
    Add slightly mashed potatoes
    Blend well

  7. Protect it so that every thing gets incorporated well

  8. Masala aloo will be ready
    Things them in cheelas
    And pack the tiffins As healthy moong cheela sandwhiches