Easy Puran poli/purnam poori Recipes

Easy Puran poli/purnam poori Recipes

The ingredients Easy Puran poli/purnam poori Recipes

  1. 200 gms purpose flour
  2. 2 tsp ghee
  3. 1/2 tsp salt
  4. 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
  5. For stuffing.
  6. 200 gms chana dal (soaked 5 hours) / engal gram
  7. 200 gms jaggery
  8. 1 tsp cardom powder
  9. 1 cup ghee

Step-step making Easy Puran poli/purnam poori Recipes

  1. Take a bowl put flour, salt, ghee, turmeric, mix, up with the particular palms to make dough pour drinking water as need once dough prepared utilize ghee rest for 20mins

  2. Rinse dal smartly then transfer pressure cooker cook three or more whistles then drain the dal

  3. Once water went out place into blender add jaggery, cardom dust make fine paste.. then transfer things into thick bottom pan keep blend up in a medium flame increase half cup 5 mins it need to thick dough kind

  4. Take flour batter inside a needed amount press then flip nicely again role with the tool

  5. These puran poli is ready to fri place the particular poli on tavva fri both attributes add ghee once it get dark brown patches then take out pour ghee on top ready to serve