Easy Cabbage Doodle-la-flinkies Recipes

Easy Cabbage Doodle-la-flinkies Recipes

The ingredients Easy Cabbage Doodle-la-flinkies Recipes

  1. Hot Roll Mix or Frozen Flows (3 Balls)
  2. 1 lb Ground Beef
  3. 1 Red onion (large)
  4. 1 Head Cabbage (medium)
  5. to taste Sodium and Pepper

Step-step making Easy Cabbage Doodle-la-flinkies Recipes

  1. Filling: Brown ground meat with salt and pepper, in order to taste, in large cooking weed.

  2. Slice up cabbage into pieces in addition to cut up the onion. Position the cabbage on top regarding the meat and put the particular onion on top of the particular cabbage. Place a lid about the pot and cook about low. When the cabbage is usually soft, mix it all jointly and simmer for about just one hour or until cabbage is usually done.

  3. Take 1/6th of Hot spin mix or 3 balls thawed frozen roll dough. Roll this out to an oblong form. Put 1/6th of cabbage blend onto dough. Pull the bread up and seal it in order to itself, covering all the blend.

  4. Location the Doodle-la-flinki on a greased baking sheet. Do the similar for the next 5.

  5. Cover the particular baking sheet with a hand towel and let rise until they will double in size.

  6. Preheat oven in order to 375 degrees and bake regarding 20 minutes, or until gold brown.