Easy Japanese Vegan Soup (Kenchinjiru) Recipes

Easy Japanese Vegan Soup (Kenchinjiru) Recipes

The ingredients Easy Japanese Vegan Soup (Kenchinjiru) Recipes

  1. 200 g taros or potatoes
  2. 100 g carrot
  3. 100 gary the gadget guy daikon raddish
  4. 100 g gobo
  5. 1 stick green onion
  6. 1 page konnyaku
  7. one tofu
  8. one tbsp sesame essential oil
  9. 1000 mL komb kelp dashi soup stock
  10. 3 tbsp Sake
  11. 2 tbsp soy sauce

Step-step making Easy Japanese Vegan Soup (Kenchinjiru) Recipes

  1. Cut the carrot and the daikon radish into 5 mm thick one fourth slice.

  2. Peel the taro skin and cut into bite-size portions.

  3. Wash the gobo in order to remove the soil and cut this into random chunks.

  4. Minimize the green onion into small parts.

  5. Cut the konnyaku directly into half and slice into about a few mm thick. Boil them for regarding 3 minutes, then drain the drinking water.

  6. Cut the particular tofu into dices.

  7. Temperature the sesame oil in a weed add the carrot, the daikon radish, the taro, and the gobo in addition to stir-fry over medium-high heat for a single minute.

  8. Add the konnyaku, the tofu, in addition to the green onion to stir-fry regarding a few minutes.

  9. Fill the dashi broth and sake. Retain heating and simmer until the elements are cooked.