Easy Mawa Kachori Recipes

Easy Mawa Kachori Recipes

The ingredients Easy Mawa Kachori Recipes

  1. 2 cups whole wheat flour
  2. As needed ghee
  3. 1 Cup grated dry fruits
  4. 2 crushed cardamom
  5. As needed sugar
  6. just one Cup whole milk powder
  7. just one Tablespoon abridged milk
  8. Since needed olive oil
  9. 1/2 Glass milk
  10. as needed Little saffron gift items

Step-step making Easy Mawa Kachori Recipes

  1. First take a mixing bowl include the wheat flour add 1/2 mug ghee.

  2. Blend well with the hands of the particular palms mix thoroughly, then add the particular required water as little but not really too much the preparation is in order to be continued for five to 6 minutes, make a dough and pass on ghee over the dough and protect with the moist kitchen towel.

  3. Now heat the pan, put the milk in the pan, put the milk powder

  4. Blend well, add the two tablespoons associated with sugar and add the condensed milk products, mix well,

  5. Keep mixing, now add the required dry fresh fruits, mix well keep the oven inside low flame. when the gravy will be thick then stop the heat.

  6. Now make small balls through the dough, flatten with the tool pin

  7. Add gravy inside the middle of the dough cover up with all sides next flatten simply by the palms,

  8. Heat the particular pan add the ghee and essential oil, when it is boiled add the particular mawa balls fry all kachori

  9. And keep the kachori inside the bowl

  10. Now get another pan add little water plus half cup of sugar add the particular saffron strings and crushed cardamom steam make a thick sugar syrup.

  11. Now put the sugar viscous, thick treacle over the mawa kachori spread the particular remaining dry fruits.

  12. Tasty mawa kachori is ready ____