Easy Bhog chana Recipes

Easy Bhog chana Recipes

The ingredients Easy Bhog chana Recipes

  1. 2 mug black chana
  2. 2 tablespoon ghee
  3. 1 steapoon cumin seeds
  4. 1 green chilli chopped
  5. to taste salt
  6. 1/2 teaspoon red chilli powder
  7. 1 spoon chana masala
  8. 1 spoon chat masala

Step-step making Easy Bhog chana Recipes

  1. Soak chana for over night.. Steam in pressure cooker with salt plus breaking soda and till 5-6 whistle.

  2. In a pressure oven pour oil then oil heat add cumin seeds and chopped green chilli add chana, salt red chilli natural powder mix well.

  3. Add chana masala or chaat masala mix nicely and cook for 2 minutes..

  4. Bhog chana is ready.