Easy Simply beef stew Recipes

Easy Simply beef stew Recipes

The ingredients Easy Simply beef stew Recipes

  1. 1, five kg beef stew
  2. 2 onions small finely chopped
  3. 2 TSP garlic plus ginger paste
  4. 1 beef cube
  5. 1 TSP rajah mild
  6. 1 tsp bbq
  7. 1 TSP steak and chop spice
  8. 2 TBS brown onion
  9. 2 TBS hearty beef
  10. 2 TBS olive oil

Step-step making Easy Simply beef stew Recipes

  1. Rinse the beef cubes stew items and place it aside

  2. Pour oil and onion to smolder and add garlic and ginger insert

  3. Stir it then include cube and spices.

  4. Put meat and let it cook upon a medium heat until it’s prepared perfectly that mean soft and sensitive.

  5. Check your meat because it smells nice with the fragrance of garlic and pour a splash of water and cover it in order to cook again

  6. Now it can soft and it’s frying again after that prepare your soups by mixing all of them with water, then lower your warmth again to have a nice soup

  7. Your simple beef stew is ready to be served along with any meal mine will be loved with idombolo