Easy Chicken Creamy Sauce Recipes

Easy Chicken Creamy Sauce Recipes

The ingredients Easy Chicken Creamy Sauce Recipes

  1. 7 fresh pepper diced
  2. 10 fresh tomatoes chopped
  3. 2 Onions diced
  4. 1 kg diced prawns
  5. 1 kg squid diced in bit
  6. several cksp cooking cream
  7. one tbsp chopped ginger
  8. one tbsp curry powder
  9. five cups bell peppers juliane
  10. 2 cksp oil
  11. in order to taste Salt
  12. cubes Knorr

Step-step making Easy Chicken Creamy Sauce Recipes

  1. Wash sea food and even set aside; you can marinate with pepper, salt, oregano and even little olive oil and fixed aside, dice turkey into smaller chunks and also marinate and even cook for about 15minutes and even set aside

  2. Heat up frying griddle, add oil. Once it’s sizzling add onions. Stir and put ginger and garlic

  3. Pour in prawns and squid into frying griddle, then fry for about several minutes remove seafood from typically the frying pan, add the cooked properly turkey and fry as effectively remove once it’s tender and even set aside; then add cayenne pepper and tomatoes and fry intended for about 6mins

  4. Add knorr cubes, sodium, curry powder, oregano and blend.

  5. Blend in cooking cream and prepare food on low heat for one other few minutes.

  6. Add the prawns and even squid cook for about several – 5 minutes before putting the bell pepper, turn off of heat almost immediately and provide with my almost black hemp