Easy Mchicha in milk Recipes

Easy Mchicha in milk Recipes

The ingredients Easy Mchicha in milk Recipes

  1. Mchicha
  2. To taste salt
  3. 2 royco cubes
  4. 0.5 c maziwa mala(i utilized sweetened one to avoid the bitter taste)
  5. Onion thinly sliced up
  6. 1-2 TBS cooking essential oil

Step-step making Easy Mchicha in milk Recipes

  1. Wash mchicha thoroughly to get eliminate of soil, remove leaves from organizations and chop

  2. In some sort of sufuria, add cooking oil and onions and saute until well cooked.

  3. Add salt and stir, put mchicha and mix together. Continue converting as it cooks for an instant

  4. Break the cubes employing fingures into the mala and blend to mix. Pour the mala in mchicha and mix well.

  5. Mchicha cooks very fast and most of us don’t want it to loose typically the beautiful green with all the fine nutrients. Continue stirring and cook to get not more than three minutes

  6. Remove from heat and let to rest for two minutes. Offer with ugali. You can add some sort of spoon of cream in your denture if you like for extra richness