Easy Chhena Murki Recipes

Easy Chhena Murki Recipes

The ingredients Easy Chhena Murki Recipes

  1. two hundred fifity gms fresh Paneer cut into 1/2 inch cube
  2. 1 cup Sugar
  3. 1 teaspoon milk
  4. 1 tea spoon powdered sugar
  5. 4 drops went up essence or kewra essence
  6. 2 pinch cardamom powder (optional)

Step-step making Easy Chhena Murki Recipes

  1. For the sugar syrup, cook the sugar with one cup of water, stirring continuously, till the sugar dissolves

  2. Add the milk plus let it boil, collect the scum, which rise to the surface along with a ladle and discard.

  3. Cook the syrup until an one-string consistency is obtained.

  4. Now add the paneer cubes and cardamom powder and cook on low flame till the syrup coats the cubes well.

  5. Stir carefully therefore that the paneer cubes do not really break.

  6. Remove from warmth, add the rose essence and blend well.

  7. Keep shaking the pan lightly, till all the cubes are thickly coated with the viscous, thick treacle and separated from each other.

  8. Arrange in a serving bowl and sprinkle powdered sugar generously.

  9. Serve when cooled and somewhat dry