Easy Oven Cooked Lasagna Recipes

Easy Oven Cooked Lasagna Recipes

The ingredients Easy Oven Cooked Lasagna Recipes

  1. 1 box Lasagna
  2. 1 pkg Italian Sausage
  3. 1 onion chopped
  4. 2 jars Marinara Sauce
  5. 1 egg
  6. 1 (15 oz) Ricotta Cheese
  7. 1 pkg Mozzarella cheese
  8. 1 pkg Parmesan cheese
  9. 1 pks Cheddar Cheese
  10. 2 tbs Fennal Seed
  11. To taste salt free seasoning

Step-step making Easy Oven Cooked Lasagna Recipes

  1. Pre temperature oven to 425%

  2. In large fry pan on medium heat, make sausage add onions in addition to seasonings. Brown meat, empty any oil. Set besides.

  3. In tiny bowl add ricotta mozzarella cheese and egg mix properly. Set aside

  4. I medium bowl combine mozzarella Parmesan and cheddar cheese together.

  5. Spray 13×9 baking plate with non stick preparing food spray. Pour sauce inside to cover the base of dish.

  6. Layer bottom with organic lasagna. Spread sauce about top of lasagna, spread Italian sausage on leading of sauce. Add dollops of mixed ricotta. Spread the cheese on leading. Repeat this layer three or more more times.

  7. Put tin foil about top of baking plate so as to not necessarily burn cheese. Put inside oven baked for just one hour. Remove tin evade bake for 10 mintes. Remove from oven permit cool for 5 mins before serving.