Easy Gorpapdi Recipes

Easy Gorpapdi Recipes

The ingredients Easy Gorpapdi Recipes

  1. 400 gms rava
  2. a few Tbsp ghee
  3. 200 gms jaggery
  4. 8-10 cardamom
  5. 8-10 Almond
  6. 7-8 strings kesar
  7. 1 capital t. spoon suth powder
  8. 1 t. spoon. ganthoda dust
  9. 1 tb. cream(malai)

Step-step making Easy Gorpapdi Recipes

  1. In a pan put ghee 4tb. and when it turn in liquefied form add rava (small). and saute. stir continuously till it fluffy plus light. Take out in a dish.

  2. Right now in a same pan add 1tb. ghee and saute jaggery ton middle of the. slow flame stir and get liquefied and fluffy add rava mixture, blend well. Add suth powder ganthoda natural powder crushed cardamom kesar and cream (malai). Stir continuously till ghee release.

  3. Spread within a thali and sprinkle cardamom natural powder chopped Almond. Cut in an items after 15 mins. Let it amazing for 1hr.

  4. Yummy tasty Gorpapdi is ready to serve